Modern Combat 5 – Important Details Here!


Nowadays there are lots of new and advanced sources to entertain the people all around the world. Modern Combat 5 is a good option for them as it is the most popular online FPS shooting game among all. It contains lots of important parts like in-game currency, different types of modes and various types of battlegrounds, weapons, events and lots of other things also.

The game we are talking about is the top grossing game these days. It contains lots of attractive and classic features which make it more realistic and cool to play. Features make the game more interesting and exciting. Following are some important features about which the users must know –

  • Two types of modes are available, i.e., single player and multiplayer mode to play.
  • High-quality graphics with impressive gameplay.
  • A wide range of attractive weapons, equipments and other additional powers.
  • There are nine types of’ classic classes with their skills.
  • A solo play campaign mode is also available.
  • Various types of battlegrounds to play according to your comfort zone.

Role of in-game currency

The currency in the game is used most in every activity. It is important for the gamers to have a good amount of in-game currency as it is used in buying and upgrading various things. The in-game currency is earned by playing more number of matches, by completing more objectives or missions and by getting Modern Combat Hack. There are six types of in-game currency in the game which are given below –


  • Diamond Dust
  • Gear tokens
  • Skill Points
  • Energy and,
  • Pro Tickets

There are only two main currencies among the above discussed and that are credits and diamonds dust. These are used in buying some important weapons and health packs from the black market. Players have to complete more missions and take participate in every event in order to earn enough amount of in-game currency.

Modern Combat 5 is full of actions and adventure to play without getting bored. Gamers are free to play with friends and other players from the world. The game spreads rapidly all across the world.