Best possible details about Pokemon Quest

There are many quest games are available on the market, but Pokemon Quest is the best game to play in the Android and IOS devices. It is the best invention of pokemon Games Company. It is a task-based game, and it is very to download. Your performance depends on your teamwork in the game; always try to build the best team in starting. You should try to collect all the strong pokemon to make a perfect team. There are many types of recipes are available for your help.

Details about the cooking

If you want to catch the new pokemon, then you should learn cooking in the game. You also need to collect all useful material which is used in cooking.  When you make the tasty dish, then many pokemon comes into your camp. You should try to catch all of them at that time in your Pokedex.  After adding that pokemon in your pokedesk, you can add them in your team for the training and fights.

Cooking is also a mini-game in it; you can do it whenever you come back from the fights. It takes some time to cook the best food, but always try to cook tasty food. You get the chance to catch more pokemon by making good food.

Tactics to win the battle

If you want to win more battles, then you have to give your best to win.  You can also use the auto-play function to increase the level of your performance. On the other hand, it is better for you to play by own.  It helps you to learn the new skills in the pokemon quest.

  • With the help of manual mode, the game sends the perfect pokemon automatically on their perfect time.
  • Give rest to the week pokemon by using the bosses more fights.
  • You should keep an eye on the distracting pokemon and be ready to catch them.
  • Always try to use your boss, when you fight in big battles. You can earn extra points if you beat the strong candidate or with Pokemon Quest Cheats.
  • In the game, every team needs a tank because with the help of it you can take three pokemon in the tank.