Rules Of Survival – Why Players Prefer To Use Shotguns?

Rules Of Survival – Why Players Prefer To Use Shotguns?

If you like shooting games then try this unique video game called Rules of Survival. You will find all the features in the game which are only available in the top ranking games. Even its graphics are so real then you will experience real shooting. Every weapon works like you are using the real weapon. Players of the game will get a place where they need to survive until the battle gets over. In the last man stand game, we really need to believe in the process of shoot and escape because it is important. 

Shotguns – most powerful guns

If we talk about the game’s most effective and powerful guns then the name of Shotguns comes on the apex. The range of shotguns my very low but if no one can stand against you if you hold it. Here are some top examples of the Shotguns.

M1887 – It is a simple but very useful gun which comes along with the SG ammo.  It takes 2 shots and rounds inflict capability to one-shot enemies in CQC.  There are various kinds of attachments comes along with the gun such as Muzzle and stock that make it more valuable so don’t miss this chance to use this auto mode shotgun.

AA12 – it is most powerful automatic shotgun which has also SG ammo. You can attach lots of things with it. Let me start from the Scopes, which will help you to shoot perfectly. Instead of this, reddot and holosight will give you best outcomes. You can use it on Auto & single mode and it is really powerful when you play in a team.

Well, all these guns will give you best outcomes, when you engage in the battle round. Some players are in the trouble that how they can make their guns more effective. Therefore, they can easily upgrade their gun by using the currency.

Gold and Diamond

There are two different currencies are available in the game such as Gold and Diamond. Gold is the primary currency and it is very useful for upgrading the weapons and other things. Therefore, if you have an eye on any weapon then simply try to collect the gold because it is the only thing that can help you to unblock the weapons like a sniper, shotgun and also grenade. Instead of this, Diamond is a premium currency in Rule of Survival so you should think more about it rather than other.

In addition to this, many gamers face issues related in fb to the collection of the gold so they can easily spend money at the shop and buy the diamond. This is the best and effective way to get the premium currency in the game. Nonetheless, if you have a good amount of diamond then it is possible to get the convert it into the gold by using the Diamond. This could be really helpful for you so try to keep  in the mind for getting the diamond. 

The Intermediate Guide to FIFA Mobile 2018

The Intermediate Guide to FIFA Mobile 2018

Are you a newbie in the FIFA mobile 2018 game? If yes, then there are lots of stuff you need to attain in order to understand the gameplay and numerous elements of the game.  As we know that the trend of the sports game is enhancing dramatically.  That’s why, EA Sports has published the FIFA mobile 2018 game to dominate the virtual market.   First of all, the FIFA mobile 2018 game is based on the famous sports soccer.  Over millions of the users have joined this virtual platform till now and the number of the gamers is still growing enormously in social media.  Also, developers have added some latest elements for the gamers to have fun in the spare time. 

Furthermore, the game allows the users to fabricate an unbeatable team and guide them towards the victory by challenging the hurdles in the game.  To make the best team, players need to earn the in-game resources, which is available in the form of points and coins.  Points are the premium currency of the game and coins is the primary one.  You have to perform better to gain the huge amount of coins and points.  However, sometimes it is a daunting task. That’s why, check out the given below tips and tricks to resolve these issue without facing too many hassles in the FIFA mobile 2018 game.

·         Normally, coins play an important role in the game, which offers the player to purchase most of the in-game items and player pack to create a powerful team.  To obtain the coins gamers have to play the soccer match and have to give the best shot in the game. 

·         You might also know that players can earn an enormous amount of in-game resources by spending the real money in the game.  But according to some devoted top players, avoid utilizing the real cash in the game and play by following the rules and regulations of FIFA mobile 2018 game.

·         In-game player’s card divided into Gold, silver and Bronze form, in which players gamers have to collect the best in-game player from the FUT market in exchange for the points and coins.

·         Participate in the different modes of the game and learn about the game deeply.  Attack mode is the best method, which allows the user to attain huge amount of in-game resources on the bases of performance. 

·         Regenerate the energy of the exhausted player by utilizing the token resource of the game.  This is the sole source, which turns the loose into victory.  So allocate the token in the perfect manner and gain success by resolving the hurdles with ease.

·         There are several sorts of offers available in the FUT market, which provide the players to purchase the in-game player’s pack at an affordable price.  Check out the FUT market of the game regularly and construct the best team of FIFA mobile 2018 game conveniently.

·         If you are unable to attain the in-game resources in greater amount, then take part in the league of the game.  In the league system, players can also earn the celebrity status without facing too many complications.  All you need to do is select your best player cards and defeat the other players in the soccer match.

Final Notion

In the nutshell, this is the quality tips and tricks of the FIFA mobile 2018 game and by allocating them in the perfect manner will lead the users towards the success by challenging the hurdles without facing too many complications with Fifa Mobile Hack.  Read them appropriately and utilize them in order to dominate the game conveniently.